Assembly Required is our best selling feature

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New Bonus Course!
"That Time I got Reincarnated with My HERO Board!?!"

Learn to Code Through Storytelling:

Our signature twist on education

Adventure Kit 2: AI Apocolypse

Adventure Kit: 30 Days Lost In Space

Bonus 1: Spies Vs Spies
(Beginner level bonus for Adventure Kit 2)
Bonus 2: That Time I got Reincarnated with my HERO Board!?!
(Intermediate level Bonus for Adventure Kit 2)

Tutorials Included With Every Kit:

Assembly Required is our best selling feature!

Shields Kit Training

37 in 1 Sensor Kit Training

HERO Introduction Training

Intro to MicroPython

Join the robotics challenge, learn how to build your robotic arm and compete against us!

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